Revenge Quest

Revenge Quest is a game that aims to convey the idea of revenge through videogame specific conceits or language. (UI, level design etc.).  You start the game at peace in your sanctuary but that peace is ripped from you by an external force. Does it matter what caused this? The pain you feel is real and your target needs to pay...

Revenge dictates that they, and everyone in your way, must be destroyed in order for you to return to a state of peace... To what degree this is true is for you to discover.


The following people need attribution for the work which I basically stole. Without their effort the game would have straight up not been made. I would have thrown together some rubbish and then reasoned that it was terrible and then just not released it. So a big thank you goes out to the following people/groups that allow their work to be used freely.



Sound Effects


the heartbeat, enemy splat, tether breaking and the whooshy shooting sounds.
No link in this case because these were grabbed from the (#GameAudioGDC Bundles)

Squelchy mud footstep and firework sounds you can search for those at the above


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